California or Bust 2014 Finances

Remember my super thrilling description of how I planned out my road trip with spreadsheets?

Well the trip was fantastic (more details to be shared later) and now that I’ve recovered, I went back through to see how my financial planning stacked up…

I had originally budgeted the following:

  • Fuel $838.14
  • Food $550.00
  • Lodging $150
  • Activities & Souvenirs $220

Here’s how it added up in the end:

  • Fuel $895.92
  • Food $384.97 (Just over $10/day per person – more on that here)
  • Lodging $165.00
  • Activities & Souvenirs $431.37 (YIKES – almost double)
  • Pre-trip prep $249.77 (including my minivan-to-camper conversion and camping supplies)


Overall I think we did pretty well other than the big overage for activities & souvenirs but how could I pass up a metal armadillo sculpture and Ghirardelli chocolate? Some things are just worth blowing your budget…

One thought on “California or Bust 2014 Finances

  1. Love it! Good job. I haven’t tallied up our total and compared it to our budget yet. We should be good since we cut the trip short by 4 days. Looking forward to more posts!

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