Lonely Planet 3000

Do you have a hard time filling up a list of places to go and things to do? Yeah, probably not if you’re reading this blog. So then a word of caution, if your travel to-do list is already several pages long and you really don’t want to find more things to add to it do not read these books. If you do like some fuel for your daydreaming fires though, these are fantastic. (Bonus fun for checking off the ones you’ve done and reminiscing!)

Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Adventures

Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences

Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Sights

Each book is comprised of 1000 blurbs about things to do, adventures to have, and sights to see around the world. Since they’re comprised of short passages they make for great browsing when you don’t have time to read an entire book and they are great distractions in a waiting room. They read like a magazine column (not like a standard travel guide) so they’re entertaining too. Some of the adventures are unlikely to be attempted by many readers (climbing Everest, anyone?) either due to cost or lack-of-desire but there are many that are fairly accessible and you might even find some that are fairly close to home.

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